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Rift Valley Farms

Setting the Standard in Modern Farming



Rift Valley farms are stretched across over 250 acres in the heart of the sunny Jordan Valley


Currently over 4200 all premium organic Medjoul date palms and also a home to over 37,000 pineapple plant-lets planted in  carefully controlled greenhouses.


100% organically grown Medjoul dates harvested over several rounds. The dates are then

pre-sorted, sorted using Artificial Intelligence technologies. Finally, hand packed on site while following strict quality control protocols. 


Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of fossil fuels from our entire operation by relying on solar generation and storage capabilities as well as zero carbon logistics.

All packaging is made of recycled materials.

Modern irrigation system using natural spring water.

About us

Sustainable Farming methods and techniques

Rift Valley Farms is located at the world's lowest point of elevation in the heart of the sunny Jordan Valley. Our farms are stretched across 250 acres with currently over 4200 all- premium Organic Medjoul date palms that are naturally grown without any insecticides, pesticides and chemicals.


Our farms are also home to over 37,000 luscious Pineapple plant-lets grown in a carefully controlled environment.


Rift Valley farms relies on a combination of good agronomic practices and modern technology to produce eco-friendly premium quality crops. 

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Our Produce

Organic Premium Medjoul Dates:

100% organic premium Medjoul dates with a rich caramel-like taste that vary in size and type based on predetermined pre-harvest conditions. Our delicious Medjoul dates come in four different sizes: Medium, Large, Jumbo, Super Jumbo. We also produce several types of premium dates based on customer preferences, some of which include: Fresh fruit , super sweet melt in your mouth semi dry dates (Bonbon), and dry dates. All dates are sorted based on size, moisture content, and level of skin separation to ensure that only premium quality dates are selected.    


Currently, we have over 37,000 luscious pineapple plant-lets that are expected to yield crops by 2023 - 2024​.



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