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Rich in
Vitamin C
Maintains Strong Bones
Helps in
Rich in antioxidants

High in Manganese
Boosts Immunity & Anti-inflamatory

How we grow our Pineapples

Our future prospect of the pineapple farm

Ideally, pineapples flourish under humid and warm conditions. This is why we have created a perfectly controlled environment for our plants to grow.


Our greenhouses are equipped with a modern drip irrigation system and overhead micro-sprays and sprinklers to ensure the plants are getting all the nutrition and humidity they need.


Our goal is to fully automate the systems with Intelligent feedback control in order to achieve optimum efficiency and reduce water usage. 

Currently, we have over 25,000 luscious pineapple plant-lets expected to yield crops by 2022​.


By summer of 2022, we are planning to expand to around 50,000 pineapple plant-lets that are expected to yield crops by 2024.

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