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Rift Valley Farms is a majority family-owned company with a uniquely deep connection to the land given its deep Palestinian roots. This connection is evident in the way the company operates, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Sustainability is a top priority for Rift Valley Farms. The company uses agricultural technologies and good agronomic practices to preserve natural resources such as water and soil.

At Rift Valley farms, we pride ourselves on having a majority female management team and labor force, a rare occurrence in the agricultural industry.  The company is committed to gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace by providing flexible working hours to its majority seasonal labor force and empowering women to take up leadership roles in our Company.

Rift Valley Farms prioritizes social responsibility as a cornerstone of its mission. Through providing abundant job opportunities, prioritizing the employment of women, offering generous benefits to its employees, and supporting small farmers by purchasing their crops at fair prices, the company demonstrates its commitment to fostering economic growth, gender equality, and sustainable agriculture within the community.



Our vision is to become leaders in the field of modern agriculture and post-harvest services and produce high quality crops without leaving a negative impact on the environment.




Our purpose is to combine the resources we have with our social responsibility in order to create a successful sustainable company. 

Our access to natural resources combined with our diverse backgrounds and talents are the foundation of this establishment for which we aim to achieve many goals:

  • Cultivate Premium Crops

  • Provide the best Post-Harvest Services to Palestinian Farmers: Freezing, grading, and packing services

  • Offer and facilitate logistics, marketing, Exporting & Distribution solutions to our customers and farmers in Palestine


Sorting & Grading

Using state of the art AI powered machinery and with the highest standards of quality control and food and health safety, we offer Palestinian farmers sorting and grading services to ensure only the most premium quality is offered to our customers


Cold Storage

Our facility offers cold storage solutions for post-harvest purposes using smart temperature controls for quality assurance and efficiency


Our facility offers versatile packing solutions to farmers of various crops. Our packaging solutions and internal branding and design team offers customers a vast range of high quality packaging options that suits their needs

Export & Distribution

Our Company facilitates the export of Palestinian Medjool dates to customers across the globe. We also offer our customers clearing and storage solutions in the EU. 




Certified Organic by Control Union_875869

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