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Explore Rift Valley's Fresh Garlic: grown in advanced facilities with a 100-ton capacity, available raw or packaged, and harvested in March for peak freshness. Customize your order for culinary convenience and elevate your dishes with our aromatic excellence.

fresh garlic

Fresh Garlic

Discover the journey of our fresh garlic at Rift Valley, where we keep things simple yet innovative. Boasting a current capacity of 120 tons, our garlic thrives in open fields, soaking in the natural goodness of the environment. Prioritizing quality, we employ a Pest Management Control System to shield the garlic from potential threats. We let our fields grow effortlessly, without trimming or weeding, ensuring the garlic retains its authentic essence.

As the season kicks off, explore the versatility of our garlic offerings – from fresh green bulbs to whole bulbs in nets, unpeeled separated cloves in cartons, and neatly peeled cloves in containers. Without the constraints of netting, our garlic enjoys freedom, preserving its natural flavor. After harvest, our garlic undergoes practical processing through a high-tech sorting, peeling, and washing line, reaching your table with freshness intact. Harvested in April and May, our garlic is at its peak, ready to enhance your culinary creations with its authentic taste and premium quality.

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