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Discover our Mini Cucumbers: 15-ton capacity, harvested in December for peak freshness. Enjoy the crisp texture and subtle sweetness in each bite, conveniently packed in 300g portions. Elevate your culinary experience with our naturally refreshing mini cucumbers.

Mini Cucumbers


Discover the meticulous process of cultivating our mini cucumbers at Rift Valley:

With a current capacity of 20 tons, our mini cucumbers thrive within the controlled environment of our greenhouses. A dedicated Pest Management Control System ensures the protection of these petite wonders throughout their growth. At the precise time of harvest, skilled hands carefully pluck each cucumber, relying on the shielding provided by the greenhouse, eliminating the need for netting.

To maintain their natural crispness, our mini cucumbers undergo a seamless journey facilitated by our high-tech packaging line. Experience the extraordinary taste of our mini cucumbers, where advanced cultivation practices meet cutting-edge packaging for a delightful culinary experience.

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