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Discover our sweet corn at Rift Valley, cultivated with simplicity and sustainability in mind. With a capacity of 120 tons, our corn thrives in open fields, guided by a 90-day growth period and a Pest Management Control System, yielding abundant harvests from November to May. Our commitment extends to sustainability, repurposing leftover corn plant material into natural, plant-based animal feed. Join us on a journey of responsible corn cultivation for a delightful culinary experience that reflects our dedication to quality and sustainability. 
In the bountiful Rift Valley, our sweet corn flourishes with a remarkable capacity of 180 tons. We take pride in offering a diverse range, providing both raw and packaged options to cater to your preferences. Our meticulous cultivation practices include regulated spacing, controlled irrigation, and strategic weeding, ensuring that each corn cob attains its optimal size. 

The harvest season, extending from December to March, captures the sweet corn at its peak. This period sees the culmination of our efforts as we handpick each ear, guaranteeing that only the finest and freshest corn reaches your plate. To enhance your experience, our sweet corn is conveniently packaged in 5 sets, delivering perfectly portioned servings of crisp and sweet kernels. 


Sweet Corn

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