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Our trees are naturally grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or chemical based insecticides.

palestinian medjool medjoul dates
Rich in antioxidants

(one of the highest ranking in antioxidant polyphenols)

High in Fiber & Potassium
“Heart Healthy”

(according to the standards of the American Heart Association)

Cholesterol & Sodium free
Contain quantities of essential nutrients like Vitamin B6

How we grow our Organic Medjoul Rift Valley Dates

Organically grown Medjoul date palms take up to 8 years to reach full maturity. Each date palm can produce between 60-70 kg per season. 


Date palms are grown about 8 meters apart in order to prevent cross shading. Throughout the year, the organic date palm farm goes through a process of weeding (by hand), natural fertilisation, and controlled irrigation in order to obtain optimum quality fruits while maintaining the integrity of the tree itself. 

During the spring, the fruits on the strands go through a thinning process to ensure the desired fruit size is reached.


When the dates are nearly ripe, the fruit bunches are covered with netting bags to protect them from weather, birds and insects. 


Just prior to harvest time (September), a naturally occurring and sudden heat wave in the area of Jordan Valley ripens the fruit to a wonderfully sweet taste. 


When ripe, the dates are hand-picked, washed, sorted, graded, and packaged.

Why Organic Dates

It's Healthy

  • reduced exposure to toxins

  • The fruit's nutrient count is higher when the fruit is organically grown.

Promotes Sustainability

  • Organic farming is safer for our planet and avoids damaging the soil and the ecosystem by using natural fertilizers such as compost.

It's Ecological

  • Waste Recycling - our natural fertilizers are composed of organic waste.

  • Soil stabilization and preservation.

palestinian medjool medjoul dates
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